Evidence of SSR


1.1.1. Student mentor system,Classroom seminar,Lecture by eminent persons, Edu.tour,career guidance N-list accession ,U tube assisted learning,Quiz,exhibition,practical work, groiup discussion, syllabus

1.1.2. Teaching plan , sample of environmental projects

2.2.1. Career guidance,per.development,N-List accession,Short term course,Basic electrical trg, spokan tutorial,swayam, class by senior students,Use of library,Books given to students,Mentor sysrem,Career guidance by Jipsa

2.3.1. Online class,digital india week,sky,traditional class to online ,computer assisted learning, seminar, project work,aids rally,educational tour

2.6.1. Course outcome and Program outcome

2.6.2. Internal exam notice. debats, placement notice

2.6.3. Booklet 2015-16 to 2019-20

5.1.3. Life skill, communication skill, Ict and computing skill. and it's photographs

6.1.1. Digital india,Use of ICTs,Int.Acad.calender,Principal and staff councile meeting minuts about quality education,Short term courses in computer, Sky,vigilence awareness week,spoken tutorial,basic ele trg

6.2.2. IQAC meeting minutes, Daily diary, attendance register photocopy

6.5.1. Lecture by eminent persons, IQAC meeting minutes, mentor system, notice board, permission for orientation and refresher course, extra classes, exhibition, educational tour

7.2.1. mentor system, career guidance with personality development